About Us

Our Story

GetProWriter began in 2021, prompted by a simple question: Why is it so difficult to find and recruit expert content writers with the required expertise? We focused only on content, assisting companies all over the globe in creating content that is genuinely brilliant – and we don’t just mean “brilliant” in terms of quality; we mean “solid” in terms of drawing attention, increasing traffic, and developing brands.

Our approach to content writing, on the other hand, hasn’t changed. We match businesses with copywriters that understand their industry inside and out. That means handling all of the heavy lifting, such as vetting content writers and editors, onboarding them, and managing them through consistent, personalized contact.

We hope you’ll come along on the journey with us.

Get Pro Writer Story

Our Mission

To become the greatest content production and distribution platform in the world for all types of content producers and companies. It won't be long until content becomes so important to individuals and companies alike that there will be a need for on-demand purchasing and selling of content. We want to be the turning point!

What We Do

Let’s face it — content creation is hard. We’re here to make it easy. The days of hurling meaningless content against a wall and hoping it sticks are over. Quality content is desired by your audience, and Google expects it. That's where we can help. Get Pro Writer  Content Writing Services is meant to create high-quality content on a large scale.

Who we are

Russel Adams, GetProWriter's founder and CEO, set out to create a platform that was simple but powerful. He hoped that the platform would improve the content development process. GPW was created from the beginning with the goal of making the process easier for both clients and writers. So far, based on feedback from clients and writers, we believe it is succeeding.

Our Team

We are a rapidly expanding team of content writing specialists and thought leaders.

Christopher Smith

Christopher Smith

Director Of Content Writers

Christopher works as the Director of Writers with GPWs network of freelance writers and editors, providing editorial and project support. He is in charge of writer recruitment, engagement, and account hand-selection. Smith may be found roaming around a bookshop or a park — or binge-watching Parks and Recreation for the 35th time.

Jack thomas

Jack Thomas

Director Of Content Strategy

Jack, as Director of Content Strategy, cultivates long-term relationships with companies seeking to improve their SEO, conversions, and content creation efficiency. He enjoys working with our partners to develop and implement goal-oriented content strategies. Derek enjoys going to a concert or a comedy event on the weekends.

Mira Whedon

Content Success Manager

Mira serves as Content Success Manager at GPW, coordinating all aspects of a la carte projects, directly overseeing the network of freelance writers and editors, and recruiting new talent. In his free time, Mira watches reality TV and schemes about how to make it in today’s competitive writing market.